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Planning downtime

02 July, 2014

Hi everybody !

First of all, sorry for not posting anything in june. I've been a bit busy with my studies lately !

Now I'm back, but I'll not be able to write something in the next few weeks. I just received a new computer, which is more powerful than the current one. So I'll upgrade my hardware, but just reinstalling the same setup would be too easy.. so I'll just install a new distro, and configure it whilst learning how to use it, so you should expect some down time it the following days.

I will poweroff the current server on sunday (06/07/14). I hope I'll be able to put it back online before tuesday (08/07/14), but that's in case everything go fine.

Wish me luck !

EDIT: I'm done. It feels good to be back up ! (07 July, 2014)

Keep tweaking!