z3bra, the stripes apart

Hi everybody ! I am Willy (aka 'z3bra').
I am a network & system admin, born in the early 90's.


This is my online blog. Here, I'll show you what's behind the stripes (yes, a white skin). I created this to have a place on the web to share anything that bother me, mostly about computing, and particularly about linux (not necessarily GNU/Linux for that matters).

Behind monochromatic

The technology behind this blog is very simple :

So yes, it is written entirely by hand in pure HTML. Why ? Because I can. Because I have the time. Because I like to do stuff from scratch. Because it's.. cool ? It is now written in markdown, as it is way easier to read than plain HTML. Writing posts in plain HTML was a funny experience, but now that my blog has a few articles, it's easier for me to review them in markdown. Peace.

Want some more ?

I am on a few other places online. You want me ? Here I am :

I wish you will enjoy browsing this blog as much as I like to write it. So, ladies and gentlemen, have a nice day !